Bathtub and Shower Remodel

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Bathtub and Shower Remodel

With these types of projects, we do have to say that we’ve seen some horror stories in the past. If you buy a home from a person who was not very much concerned with the overall upkeep of the place it’s a good idea to look into replacing these bathroom fixtures. We’ve seen fixtures that were completely filthy on the inside and of course, that can compromise the quality of tap water that you’re getting. This ultimately can lead to a bunch of health issues. Don’t think twice about improving your bathroom fixtures.

Shower Floor Issues

We’ll talk about showerheads and things of that nature soon enough. One issue that we feel though people overlook often is the fact that the floor of their shower is neither safe nor comfortable. Don’t bother with adding different types of mats to try and make the experience a better one. If you want to stay safe while in the shower and give the area a little bit of an upgrade changing out your shower flooring can be a great idea. We work with a wide variety of materials. Shower tiles are not the only option that we’re going to have for you.

Bathtub Resurfacing or Replacement

When you have an older bathtub that now features a couple of cracks here and there and some changes in coloring you’re essentially going to be faced with two options. You can literally throw out your existing bathtub and bring in a new one. The other option is to go ahead and resurface and re-stain your existing bathtub to try and get more good years out of it. If you give us a chance to come in and provide an inspection of your bathroom area we can give more clarity as far as what we feel your real options are.

Ways To Remodel Your Shower

We’re always saying that simple adjustments can change the outlook of an entire area. When it comes to showers we’re very much in tune with this idea. Taking that old shower curtain and removing it to set up an actual glass door feature can be a simple task that will automatically change the area. Removing the tub and giving you flat tile shower floors can certainly change the way that you perceive the entire bathroom. Going with a rainfall showerhead is another one of those little details that can actually change the way you go about your daily life. There are so many options that we have for you!

Bathtub Removal Services

Sometimes in a renovation you have to part ways with the old to usher in the new. That’s exactly what we can do for you if you have an old bathtub. As we mentioned before, we can give you a diagnosis of your current bathtub to see what the best course of action is. If ultimately the best thing that we can agree to do is to remove the bathtub you won’t have to worry about calling a junk removal company. We’ll take care of everything for you.



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