Bathroom Additions

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Bathroom Additions

The possibilities with bathroom additions are seemingly endless. We want to take the chance to talk about what you can do to either extend the size of your bathroom or add particular fixtures, as well as potentially creating a new bathroom. If you’re looking to add room in your garage or the basement it could be a good idea to add a bathroom there as well. If you’re going to need to do that it’s a good idea to bring in bathroom experts from the beginning to
avoid problems with the building process.

Are We Literally Expanding Your Bathroom?

Sometimes homes and even business buildings were built with very small bathroom areas. If you want to expand these areas one of the best options is to go with bathroom additions. The thing with bathroom additions is that we can take either one of two paths. If we feel like we have space that we could use there is a chance that we can actually extend the size of a bathroom and maybe get rid of a deck area that you have. In many cases what we end up doing is essentially redistributing the fixtures around the bathroom to make more room for what’s important to you. In other situations, we are actually going to be building bathrooms where there really wasn’t any.

Can This Really Increase The Value Of My Home?

We tend to believe that when one of these services is well executed it sure can. It’s not just about creating a makeshift bathroom on the fly to add a tally to the number of bathrooms on the house before you resell it. We’re big believers in proper execution. If we are able to create an area that truly adds value to the home then not only appraisers but potential buyers in the future will understand the added value and be ok with covering the costs.

Bump Out Bathroom Addition

One of the best ways to add more room to your bathroom area is to build a bump-out bathroom addition. As its name suggests this is essentially extending your home with a bump that expands on the original building. A little like how some RVs are able to extend when parked. In most cases, you don’t need to get extra permits to be able to get one of these projects done. All you need is to make sure the original structure can hold the added weight.

Adjusting Other Parts Of Your Home To Create A Larger Bathroom

We like bump out additions because we’re not going to be essentially diminishing or taking space from other parts of your home to add space to your bathroom area. If bump out additions are not what you’re looking for we could potentially take some room from your closet or your bedrooms to create larger bathrooms. If you give us a call we’ll be more than glad to head over to you to check things out. Once we do that we’ll be able to give you a set of options that contemplate what we can get done.



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