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When we started providing these services we got a lot of questions about why we didn’t do kitchen remodeling services and pretty much why we decided that it was a good idea to stick to bathrooms. The answer is very simple, bathrooms in many ways encapsulate all of the different challenges that you’re going to find within a home. Particularly, since you’re dealing with water and all-around moisture. What we wanted to do was give our clients the chance to sit down and say, “I want this, and that done, how are we going to do it?” To be able to provide all-around bathroom remodeling where you give clients a blank sheet of paper and you ask them to fill it in with all of the ideas they have you really have to know what you’re doing. Hence, the major emphasis on specialization.

We want to be your go-to company for any bathroom related needs here in Dothan. We mention this quite a bit we’re able to handle both large scale and small scale projects. In each case you can be certain that the job is going to be done with professionalism and quality. By the way, we have great relationships with manufacturers of different types of materials that we need to get the job done. Therefore you can expect a win-win scenario when booking a service from us. We’ll bring quality parts and equipment and a keen eye for great finishes all across the board.



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